Sunday, August 12, 2012

Still remembering…

Sorry if I seem to be jumping around here from on subject to another.  I am just writing what is in my heart.

One or two of my readers are familiar with what was happening in my life at that time as I was a faithful blogger when possible on Windows Live Spaces then.  My blogging friends held me up with words of encouragement and prayer.

I was terrified  while I was driving around in Champaign that day, trying to remember how to get on Interstate 57.  I finally ended up going clear over by the old Target store and picking  up 57 there.  This added an extra hour to my travel time when all was said and done because I had been driving around aimlessly for awhile.

Jim asked where I had been for so long.  I simply told him that I got held up by a train.  That was a reasonable explanation because there is a railroad crossing close to Market Street and it is common to be  held in traffic there for half an hour or so.

There was no way to tell him that I was lost.  I talked to the nurse that afternoon and asked her to tell the doctor that I was very uncomfortable not being able to tell Jim about his sister.  The next morning Jim was given a strong sedative and I told him.  I remember his exact words, “I wondered why she hadn’t called me the last few days.”

This was not Jim’s final hospital stay.  I took him home a couple days later only to be back in the hospital almost immediately.  beth


  1. Hi Beth,

    I think it is great that you are writing what is in your heart.

    God Bless - Nita

  2. I agree with Nita , many Blessings
    Sheila xx

  3. I agree also. Writing is the best therapy there is. I'm so glad you told Jim about his sister. It seems it didn't upset him as much as everyone thought it would (maybe due to the extra sedation)because he needed to be told. Hugs,

  4. Hi Beth, I was reading back on your posts. I am truly
    sorry for your lose. Jim seemed like a terrific guy. I am amazed how your life was like mine. On our days off we love spending time together checking out flea markets and eating at different restaurants. We never take any European vacation or anything like. My husband has many health issues. He has lupus, and it has affected his heart and lungs. We live one day at a time and try to forget the little stuff. Thank you for sharing your writings. Writing is the best therapy! Hugs to you my friend, Anna.
    P.S.- Happy for you that cpap is working out. About 8 years ago I had a cpap. Needless to say I donot use it.

  5. Regarding you being lost. Great that you found your way in the end. By the way, I still believe that any excuse is better than none. To use some of our slang - no good leaving other/s up in the air.

  6. I am remembering how my mom dealt with my dad going through chemo and radiation, then breaking his hip, developing pneumonia, then dying from a heart attack. She got lost on the way to my house one day. I know she knew the way...she had ridden with my dad hundreds of times....but she had so much on her mind, and I'll bet you were just laden with so much weight that your mind had to let go of something.

  7. I remember, Beth. IT seems so little time ago, even now. XXOO


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