Monday, August 13, 2012

Back in the hospital…

Jim’s white blood count was dangerously low so he was back in the hospital again.  This time he was having what the oncologist called last ditch chemo.  He was in the hospital at the time his sister’s remains were brought back from Florida to her home town for burial.

Jim’s nephew came down from Wisconsin for the funeral and afterwards he made a special trip to come by the hospital and see Jim.  His nephew and Jim were very close and Mike had a way of joking with Jim that boosted his spirits even while he was so ill.  Mike had tried to persuade Jim’s sister’s family to come by the hospital to see Jim.  It would have taken them about 1 hour’s drive out of the way.  They chose not to and Jim couldn’t understand why.  Neither could I, to tell the truth, and it still bothers me some.

Jim ended up being in the hospital on Halloween.  There hadn’t been one major holiday that was normal for us those two years.

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One of Jim’s nurses brought her children by in costume to cheer him up.  This meant so much!  To me, especially, Jim was too sick to enjoy the visit.



  1. Don't be too hard on his sister's family. Some people don't deal well with illness, especially when someone is critically ill. I have not gone to see some of my former co-workers when their spouses or children were critically ill because I felt like that was a time for immediate family (i.e. sons, daughters, wives, husbands) to spend time with their loved one privately before they had to let go of them. When my dad was critically ill, I almost resented people who hardly knew him, or who never came to see him any other day, just showing up out of nowhere and stealing MY time away from me that I had left with him. So, try to understand that some people may feel like they would be interferring. It doesn't mean that they didn't love Jim....just that they respected his family enough to let them have their private time. Hugs.

  2. Okay, I just read the next two posts....which were previous posts. The sister you are referring to is the one that died? Her family was probably too grief stricken themselves. That had to be a horrible time for both of your families.

    1. It was a horrible time. And I have forgiven.

  3. Hi Beth,

    Yes I can see what your previous comment is saying here. We had a similar situation in my family, when my mother died from cancer.

    Hugs Nita.

  4. What a wonderful nurse to bring her lovely children by to cheer Jim up. Now that's above and beyond the call of duty,

  5. The strength you had and have continues to amaze me. Hugs to you and take care of yourself. XXOO

  6. I have a very insensitive sister who actually wrote my mother a letter saying that she will no longer visit her (in the skilled nursing facility) because of Mom's missing teeth and unstyled hair! Do you believe some people!! I cannot bring myself to forgive her for that.


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