Friday, February 14, 2014

Getting Caught Up..

This has been the winter to top all winters.  I can only remember one winter in my lifetime that was worse.  That would have been the winter of 1977-78.

This is a PDF document.  If you have a minute take the time to read the abstract at the beginning of the document.

This has certainly been a winter to match and all set to exceed that winter.  It has been one snow storm after another, followed the next day by way below temperatures and gusty winds.

I have been stuck in my house so much that the tank of gas I bought for my car right after Thanksgiving has not reached the halfway mark yet.  I have experienced cabin fever to almost the manic degree.

So bad that I have been constantly baking something almost every day.  I have gained back most of the weight that I lost during my cancer treatment.


Footprints in the snow made by the paper carrier recently.  I am so ready for Spring.  I want to see a robin so bad that I would even go walking with him to Missouri (my birth state).

Stay safe and be happy!!



  1. It can be difficult when you have a very long winter. I love walking but have been unable to do so for the longest time. Finally the big melt has begun but it may be a while before walking will be anywhere like it was before the big snow and cool down. Step by step we'll melt our way out of this. Keep you chin up my friend!

  2. What a cute video. Loved reading the story about 78-79. I remember that year well because we had just moved from Madison to here - 125 miles farther north. I thought I would never quit snowing that year, and I also thought we had moved to the end of the earth because there was so much snow. Thanks for sharing that - it reminded me of "what was.":

  3. Beth, I saw my first three Robins this week so that is our first sign that Spring is coming. I look for the first ones every year. But your weather has been horrendous. You have my sympathy. I sure hope winter gives up soon for all of you who have been tortured beyond belief this year. Bertie

  4. Sis, I sure know what you mean..if not for shoveling and trying to get to the mailbox I would be going nuts here. I think it is getting to us all. Hugs

  5. Beth, you have lots of snow and here, in Spain, we have storms once and again, since last December. We are so tired of this unpleasant weather... So much water is frustrating, so I know how you feel about the snow :) Well, at least, in Madrid, we have no snow, just in the sierra next to Madrid, and in the north of Spain, of course.

    Beth, have a good day and thanks for leaving your kind comments on my blog.


  6. I sure did enjoy the video, we are to get more snow Sunday.


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