Monday, April 8, 2013

You know…

it is a hard pill to swallow sometimes.  I read the obits in the Champaign News Gazette each day and the obits in the Paxton Record on Thursdays.

I will have lived here 3 years on April 15th this month.  In that 3 years time I have learned of the death of several of my friends, seeing it in black and white.  I learned just a few minutes ago from the Champaign newspaper of the death of an old friend that I worked with at the telephone company (GTE) in the late 50s and early 60s.

I have not been able to go home to attend visitations for these old friends and I will not be able to go for this one.  Two hundred round trip miles is too much for me alone.  This makes me very sad. 

I was just talking to my daughter today about going to the dealer to have my tires checked and an oil change so that we will be in good shape to go home close to Memorial Day to put flowers on Jim’s grave.

That is something we have to face as we grow older.  We are going to lose family members and friends and there is nothing that we can do but accept it as God’s will.

I will visit her online book when the details are finalized in a couple of days and say goodbye to an old friend.  And I will thank the Good Lord again that he has granted me another day.  beth


  1. You are so right..miles put us farther away than we really want to be from people we care about. We wish we be there and can't. Hurts but we have to go on.. What I do is write to the family.. tell a story or a something that happened that their family members might not know about. It truly does help them a lot. It's something that we alone can do in honor of the one we lost. Hugs to you dear Sis I know it is so hard sometimes.. XOXO

    1. This is a great idea Sis. I am not sure if she has any relatives. Shas never married and I never heard her speak of a family member except for a brother. I don't think they were very close. xoxox

  2. I offer my sympathies at the passing of your friend, Beth.


  3. Hi Beth,

    Yes as we and loved ones get older, we are reminded constantly of our mortality. Thank God for Jesus and the room ready for us in heaven, where there is no tears and no pain.

    God Bless - Hugs Nita.

  4. Getting older is not an easy thing to accept. When we see obits in black and white, it is 'set in stone', so to speak and makes us sad. I always wonder if anyone will be sad when they see mine.

  5. That is sooo true. I understand and this is happening to us too. Travel is no longer possible. But hopefully we will be together again in heaven. BGB

  6. I'm so sorry for the loss of your friends. In January, my husband and I made the decision to leave our retirement life in Florida and move back to north Alabama to be near family and friends. It was hard giving up sunny Florida but the rewards have been amazing. I've had the chance to catch up with friends I haven't seen in many years. But, reading the obituary of someone you know is definitely an awakening of Life's fragile and ever changing complexion. While our days often seem long, our years are short. -- Jan


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