Monday, March 11, 2013

Personal update…

I am really having a problem keeping this blog updated.  I don’t mean to do that as this blog is very important to me.

It seems I have a constant round of doctor appointments and just recently, dental appointments; a crown and a loose filling plus the never ending 6 month cleaning.

I have been feeling better since my kidney/BP doctor decided that he would rather see my systolic number a bit on the high side than have me stressed out with more new meds.  I am allergic to so many meds anymore.  The last 2 new meds caused me a trip to the emergency room at the hospital.

It is raining again today making this 3 days in a row.  I need some sunshine.

Stay safe and be happy!!  beth


  1. Hi Beth,

    It is all a question of balance isn't it, hope the doc has it right and your b.p. stablises and you feel well.

    Hugs Nita

  2. Dearest Beth, Sorry my friend that you are having such a rough time of it lately. I hope that you now have the right medication for you. I can relate to having a hard time with blog update. I'm afraid that keeping up with my blog has become very difficult of late. Hope you get some sunshine, and when you do can you ask it nicely to shine here. We've had seven weeks of rain, with only a few sunshiny days. It's getting quite depressing. Love to you! Kerrie xOx

  3. Sis I think you should update whenever you want to. Hope you are feeling better. :=)

  4. I think no matter what our problems are, we will feel a little better when Spring has sprung. :o) You do a lot of blogging Beth, and you should be able to miss a day when you really don't feel up to it. You did greatlast year. BGB

  5. Keeping up with appointments etc. can be trying for sure. I sure don't fault anyone for having trouble keeping up on here. Taking care of yourself is the number one priority. Hugs!

  6. Yes many side effects to certain meds Beth, it's finding the one that works for you. Blog when you can take care
    Hugs Sheila x

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  8. I finally found a few minutes to read some of my friends blogs. I have the same dilemma of doctors and dentists you do. I call it the geriatric social life. In fact a sinus,ear, nose and throat affliction hit me this weekend, so another call to my nurse practitioner tomorrow. Can't let it get in my chest. love your comments.


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