Wednesday, October 24, 2012

You know…

this growing older thing is pretty hard to manage.  There are so many things I have to cope with, so many health problems and a ton of meds I have to take.  I know when the forecast is for rain because every bone in my body aches.  Arthritis has lived with me for the last 30 or so years.

However, I dutifully set the alarm for 6:30 AM each morning and go to bed at 10PM each night.  And I thank God each morning when I get up for allowing me another day.  I hurriedly take off the C-pap mask and check out the new wrinkles caused by it. 

 I take my morning pills, all 10 of them knowing full well that I have another pill to take at noon and 3 more pills to take in the evening.  I get dressed and head for my exercise bike.  If my back and bones are not yelling at me I try to exercise for half an hour.  If they are hollering too much, I stop at 15 minutes.

This is a far cry from before I moved here.  I would go to the fitness center and workout for about 45 minutes 3 or 4 days a week.  After I exercise and rest for a few minutes I fix breakfast, usually a high fiber cereal with banana and 1% milk. 

Then I check my computer for emails and write 1 or 2 blogs.  I comment on dozens of blogs written by my followers.  Then I am off to run errands and I come back to my home which really needs me to pay attention to it.

Perhaps I will bake something just to have something to do.  I end up taking all or most of it to my daughter and son in law.

Lunch is usually a TV dinner except I cook on the weekend.

And I will say again that growing older is much better than the alternative.  beth


  1. I am glad to be carried along on your alternative... cheering you on and praying for you to have a great day! May today be as painfree as possible :]
    Love & HUGS

  2. I agree with Rockin. I look forward to reading you blogs. That is a load of pills. Sorry you have to take so many.

  3. And I, Beth, am very thankful for each day that you are around! I look forward to your blog each day. Hugs, Nellie

  4. Hi Beth, I am a big Allison Krauss fan. Her music is wonderful. Thanks for stopping by and visiting . . .
    keep a song in your heart.

    They say that growing old is not for sissies . . . boy, is that right! I tell people that my inheritance was: from my father, I inherited the fact that I am always singing or whistling all the time ( I don't even know that I'm doing it). From my mother, I inherited arthritis in my knees (poor Mom used to sit and rub her knees each evening . . . never complained, that wasn't her way, but you could tell she was in pain. Like you said . . . it is good to be alive . . . I feel blessed each day, when I wake to another one of God's merciful mornings.
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)

  5. Oh Beth that sounds like an awful lot of meds. I am currently trying to find a good BP med as instructed by my doc.
    So happy you blog each day

  6. Life changes for us on a dime..I am sure glad you have kept in touch and help us all to see all sides of life now for you. Every day is a blessing no matter how strange or hard it is for us. Take care :-)

  7. I always find it amusing when people complain about the age they are ... like they have not considered the alternative!!

  8. You have put it the right way, growing older is much better.
    I like your routine.
    And that "Perhaps I will bake something..." says that all is well with you :-)


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