Friday, October 12, 2012

It really is…

great to be alive!  I thank God each day I am able to get out of bed and am able to take care of myself and maintain my own home.  I feel blessed to have family that cares.

Today my daughter and I went to the local garage sales, all 11 of them.  I found a deacon’s bench in really good condition for $15.  That thing is so heavy my daughter and I had quite a time wrestling it into the trunk of my car.  Then she came home with me and helped me clean it, first with wood soap and then a good wax.  Now to find exactly where I want to put it!

Sorry to have been so tardy with posting on here.  Right now I am living one day at a time.  Really, that is all that anyone has.  beth


  1. Sis NEVER feel sorry that you haven't posted here are busy living your life and that is so important. We are here whenever you post when you need to. XXOO blessings always..

  2. I agree with CarolDee. How fun to go saling with your daughter. Quite the find! I know you will find a perfect spot for the bench. I too am thankful to get around and get up. Have a nice weekend.

  3. I agree Beth, That's all any of us can do.. I admire you for your strength.. Blessings

  4. I truly believe that we should all try and be grateful every day for all the beautiful people, events, and aspects of this life we are living.... all the experiences, good or bad! I believe gratitude is a very important antidote for depression (so, I have come to know) and I believe this passionately.... it helps us to appreciate the small joys in life!
    Enjoy your new found treasure, I am sure that you will find the perfect place for your bench!

  5. It's good to catch up with you here today, Beth! It sounds like you found something really good!

    xo Nellie

  6. The table sounds great & I love to hear that you are getting out that is a great thing because once winter hits it is so hard to want to be out & cold. sending you (((HUGS)))

  7. Nice find. You'll find just the spot and it will look great. The others are right, no need to be sorry for late postings. We all do it (sheepish look.

  8. One day at a times is all we can do. You never know what to-morrow brings for sure.

    The Lord is in control of our lives.

    I am blessed I am 70 years old. It seemed I was 50 yesterday in my mind at times but when reality gets in.

    I say. Carol Ann your 70 and in January the 71.

    I am grateful at times I do have my moments of ungrateful

    when pity walks in. Then I give that thought a kick to the curb.

    I am enjoying your reads. Thanks for your blogs dear.

  9. hey Beth.. that was really well said.. living one day at at a time.. have a great time.. :)


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