Friday, August 24, 2012

December 1, 2007

The one year anniversary of Jim’s death.  It was a hard day to get through but I made it.

December 2007 was icy and snowy with several large snow falls.  I had quite a time getting to Champaign to do my Christmas and grocery shopping.

Summing up the year of 2007 here is my post from Dec 31, 2007:

Dec 31 2007

Well, this is it, a look back at…

the year 2007. It has been a roller coaster ride for me; making a lot of decisions. Some of the decisions were good and a few of them not so good. I am living proof that it is possible to pick up the pieces of your life and move forward.

I have discovered that if I want to bad enough I can get in my car and drive wherever I want to go. My brother gifted me with a GPS system for my car last summer. Now I have a voice that tells me what to do. LOL

I don’t like to sit in the house and brood so I have made an effort to get out and go. I do my shopping in the big city, mostly just to have something to do. I know, I have heard this ‘support your local merchants’ many times. Well, in my little town the local merchants don’t give you much to choose from.

My kids are scattered in two different directions. One to the west and one to the north. It is a two hour drive over curvy roads to the west and the drive to the north I am constantly playing tag with the semi drivers. Guess who wins??

I joined Curves on the advice of my cardiologist and my sis. My cardiologist is a member of a Curves in the big city. It is somewhat costly but I am enjoying it and I definitely am seeing a benefit health wise. I would recommend it to all you gals. Guys, you’ll have to go to the Y.

I have made many new blogging friends this year. This is my 3rd full year of blogging. My first blog I deleted after the first year. Now I have 3 spaces, my recipe space being one I created in Jim’s honor.

You pretty much know now how I spend my time. Reading is my number one thing to do. It takes you away and you forget all other things.

For my blogging friends:

Thank you for your support this past year. I love you all and I wish you peace, love and happiness for the new year.  beth


  1. Good post, Beth. I feel for what you went through. Memories are great aren't they?

  2. You have come so far since then Sis. So many more decisions were made after those.It seems like a long time ago that MSN was offering something called a blog and people asked WHAT'S A BLOG?? We sure found out. I am ever so grateful for the friendship. XXOO


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