Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Coping with the C-pap…


When all was said and done I ended up the proud possessor of a C-pap machine.  The very latest style.  I know that some people have no problem getting used to the face mask.  Not so for me.  Perhaps it was psychological because I just didn’t want the darn thing.  I am not stupid however and I knew that I needed to use this thing for the sake of my heart.

The guy from Pro-Care was very nice and patient with me.  I started first with the nose mask then on to several other kinds.  I was still breathing through my mouth and defeating the purpose of the mask.

I finally ended up with a full face mask which was the only one that really worked.  At first it almost drove me crazy.  I have been told by several friends that they had no problem at all with the mask and a couple told me they couldn’t tolerate it and gave up entirely.

The machine and the mask amounted to almost $3,000 dollars,  Here is the story I got from the pulmonary doctor and from Pro-Care.  The machine has a micro-chip in it which records your usage.  In 90 days you had to record at least 4 hours a day, then you would see the doctor again. You take the micro-chip to Pro-Care, they download it and send results to the doctor so that he can verify with Medicare that you have used it the required number of hours.  If you haven’t then you are responsible for the debt.  If you follow all necessary requirements after 2 years you are the proud owner and Medicare will pay for you to have a new mask every 6 months.

I did not have an easy time getting used to it.  I have been wearing the mask for almost 5 months now.  Some nights I wake up and want to yank that thing off so bad, but I don’t.

second_set_011This is exactly what my face mask looks like.  beth


  1. See now I look at this and imagine only sleeping on my back which I am not able to do because when I fall asleep on my back I will snore (yep enough to wake myself up no denying it) so I can not figure how it would be possible for me to get use to new sleeping habits, plus the costs do you pay that 1st & then hope you wore it right??? Now the funny part the picture in my dashboard was small so I thought I was looking at a bird LOL. Hang in there Beth it is for the good of having you healthy :]

    1. No, if you are on Medicare and a supplemental insurance there is no upfront cost.

  2. Hi Beth

    I know I would find this extremely difficult. I feel for you.

    Hugs Nita

  3. Wow Beth bet that took awhile to get used to , can't imagine . You are very good well done.xx

  4. Sis...with all the technology out there you would think there was a way to make this look and feel sooo much better. You are lucky the one my GF has is so much larger and more awkward. I do think that saving a life and making you feel better..is sooo worth it. You are a treasure to us all. Hang in there XX00

  5. Not fun, I'm sure. I learned something...I did not know anything about a C-pap machine. God bless you, Beth. You are in my prayers.

  6. My hubby has sleep apnea and has to use the full-face mask. It took him a lot of getting used to ... hope you become fully accustomed to it soon.

  7. It looks like a torture device to me. I use nasal spray that helps me breathe when I lay down. My dad had one of those and returned it because he couldn't (or wouldn't ) get used to it.


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