Monday, August 20, 2012

And the time passes…

I was getting by.  I had everything straightened out.  I was being independent.

As the horrible winter passed into spring and my disappointing appointment with the psychologist  flopped I got busy with the business of living,

Jim was gone but I was alive and as the months passed, I realized I did want to be alive.

First I tried to volunteer at the library which was 2 blocks from me over the foot bridge across the railroad cut.  I was told they didn’t accept volunteers that all of their employees were paid.  Oh ,OK, I thought to myself, now I know where part of my tax dollars are going.  LOL

I did get to be great friends with the library staff.  I established an account online and when the books would come in I would receive an email and I would walk a block to the foot bridge and across to the library.

library and railroad cut aug08 002

The foot bridge over the railroad cut that I walked across to get to the library.

My town was small, somewhat over 4,000 people.  The only other possibility for volunteering was at the nursing homes.  There were 3 nursing homes in town.  That in itself would tell a body that my town was filled with old people. The young people moved out the first chance they got.

One of my old neighbors was a resident at one of the nursing homes.  I am sad to say that I did not want to volunteer at a nursing home.  It was a struggle for me to force myself to visit her but I did because it was the right thing to do.

Even now when I go home to visit my husband’s grave to put flowers on it I make it a point to stop by and see her.  beth


  1. What a beautiful picture. It brings back happy memories of the time we lived in the midwest.

    How hard all of this must have been for you. Life surely isn't always easy, even at times you feel the most need for strengh and the least possible conflict. But you did get through it. I'll check tomorrow to see what came next.

  2. You are so strong..wish I were that strong, I still cannot go by or go into the place where mom was. It is just too painful. I do agree so many places and no where do they really neeed the volunteers. Sad really. Hugs today and always, XXOO

  3. Nursing homes are horrible places, it's sad to say. No one really wants to go visit there. When my dad was there for a short time, it was extremely hard for me to go because all of those sweet elderly people were wanting to go home. No one was happy to be put away and forgotten by their relatives. They really are horrible places.

  4. working with the elderly has its rewards but the setting is what makes it enjoyable. When I had my care home we were an assisted living for those over 60 . We had people that were never visited so when other folks family visited they would crowd in also, so I made arrangements with the high school for volunteer hours to have kids come over and visit those who didn't get visitors they loved it. Nursing homes are just depressing. Assisted living is much better atmosphere :) HUGS

  5. Hi Beth,

    Great picture, apart from the fact that the scenery is much better either side, it reminds of the bridge near where Amanda used to live in London, we crossed the bridge many times to get to the school and shops.

    Hugs Nita.

  6. I invite you to look at my new photo. I greet and wish you have a nice week!

  7. Finding what to do with yourself after such a lose must be one of the hardest things to do.

    I'll be librarys take volunteers now with all the budget cuts. I know the one here puts a notice in the paper for the need.

    That is a beautiful picture.

  8. Loss is hard but you did your best and did what you could. You are still doing that through your blogs and you are inspriring many others. I admire you and your strength. Thanks for sharing your story. Sending you love from Arizona!

  9. I remember well...the trips over the foot bridge and the library..

  10. I still lead your bloggs all over from yours memorial of the time.
    I great you has a nice week end for you.


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