Saturday, June 22, 2013

Divine Intervention…

Do you believe in Divine Intervention?  I do!

~ Divine intervention is a term for a miracle caused by a Deity's active involvement in the human world. ~

I had Divine Intervention when I put my house up for sale in March 2010.  My house sold in 5 days in a little town where one or two houses on each city block was up for sale.  I sold my home to be close to my daughter never realizing for one minute that my health would begin to decline rapidly.

And when I went for my appointment at the beauty salon the end of May my beautician (Terry ) asked me how I was doing.  While I was fighting back tears I told her I had cancer.  She and I talked a bit about it and when I was ready to leave Terry gave me a hug.  She asked me to write down my telephone  number because another one of her clients was in remission from the same type of cancer that I had.   Divine Intervention.

I received a call from Sally a few days after I had my first visit with the oncologist. We talked on the phone for a long time.  Divine Intervention again.  I met Sally for lunch at Avanti’s.  She brought me a book to read titled ‘Life, on the Line’ written by Grant Achatz.  Mr. Achatz suffered from the same type of cancer that Sally had and I now have.  It appears to me from reading the book that he had the same type of treatment that has been prescribed for me.

Sally is a miracle in my life.  Her story is my inspiration.

life on the line

Then this morning I went to the Genealogical Society’s annual garage sale and I found this:


‘Reflections From the Heart of God” a devotional Bible for women illustrated by Thomas Kinkade and heart reflections by Nanette Kinkade.

And now do you believe in Divine Intervention?  I do.  I so needed to find something to help me get through the next few weeks.

May God Bless you all.  Stay safe and be happy!!  I am so grateful for your kind thoughts and prayers.



  1. I most definitely believe in Divine Intervention because God has been there for me many times in my life. It is the little things that make such a difference in our lives and He is always there to give, answer, listen and love. You have my prayers.

  2. Hi Beth,

    Yes I believe in Divine Intervention most definately. I believe in God Incidences rather than co incidences. I now want to look at this book, so I am going to click on your link.

    Take Care - Love Nita

  3. Yes, I do believe in Divine Intervention and have experienced it a couple of times. What a wonderful new friend you have found and I'm sure you will both be of strong support to one another. It was Divine Intervention and you were blessed to be touched. Your garage sale finds look good too. Hang in there Beth and know you are still in my prayers and thoughts. Hugs

  4. I definitely believe in divine intervention. Such a lovely post, thank you so much for sharing. I will be praying for you.

  5. I do believe in God's intervention and want to say thanks for your words of encouragement and prayers for my health,

  6. Dear Sweet Beth, the moves through sweet and caring people and He brings us together through His love. i too believe in Divine intervention and you sweet lady are in my prayers.

  7. Beth, boy am I behind. I didn't even know you had this other blog, sheesh. Well, I found it and now, lucky you, I'll write my regular book of comments (I'll keep it short, lol).
    Divine Intervention? Why of course! If there was no Divine Intervention, this whole world would have been long gone for all the crazy and stupid things that we humans do. But we are made by our Father and so that makes us Divine as well. Our Father intervenes all through our lives, sometimes Himself and other times using one of our fellow humans, but it's always Divine Intervention. To me, it's amazing that someone could not believe as there are hints, subtle and some downright blatant, all around us. We are loved, truly loved, and when we have the hardest and most difficult times in our lives, that's when the 'hints' show themselves in more abundance. God is showing us that even through these times, that we are to remember that we are loved and He will always take care of us and love us, His children, in this world and the next. He always listens to us. The trick is to listen to Him. I know you do, Beth, and it's obvious that our blogging family believes and does the same. Everyone came together rapidly and in chorus prayed and it was just for you, our dear friend truly loved by all.
    Whew, I really can ramble when I start. Well, it was meant :)
    Later, dear Beth ~~~ XOXOXO


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