Thursday, August 2, 2012


Definition of Gerascophobia

An abnormal and persistent fear of growing old. Sufferers of this fear experience undue anxiety about aging even though they may be in good health--physically, economically and otherwise. They may worry about the loss of their looks, the loss of independence, inactivity after retirement, impaired mobility, the onset of disease, and confinement in a nursing home. Modern society's preoccupation with youthful beauty does nothing to alleviate their fears.
I have never really feared growing old.,  In fact I never thought much about it until I sold my home and moved 2 years ago.  It seemed then as if my life had ‘Gone to h*** in a handbasket.’  One thing after another healthwise that I had to deal with.

Going to h*** in a handbasket

To be 'going to he** in a handbasket' is to be rapidly deteriorating - on course for disaster.
I will discuss more of my feelings about this in my next post.  beth


  1. "H...L" in a hand basket I think I am starting to understand that one. Take care B

  2. I saw your precious Icon pic, somewhere. And it looked so much like a pic of me, back then. In the day, as they say. :-))))))

    So fun to look back on those kinds of pics!

    What's that old saying; "Growing older, it's not for sissies."<--In a nutshell. :-)

    That's why I enjoy sometimes looking in on a blog, where the pics/words of older ladies, are always upbeat. I don't read it every day.... Since some of those gals don't look all that great, in my estimation. (Those with orange hair and too much makeup and too much jewelry and wild clothes, etc.)

    But the ones who are letting themselves age gracefully... Who don't dye their hair orange and etc., they pep me up. Ahemmmm, except... These photos have to be of women with NO money worries! Which can take a bit of the bloom off the rose, as it were. -chuckle-

    What's the blog? Advanced Style blog... But as I said, I don't appreciate all of the photos. ,-)

    Just stopping by and waving Hi.

    Perhaps you are the Dear Reader who can not handle my big-pics-blog-look, and that's ok.

    Enjoy this kind of a blog. It can be fun. I had one for a while, which allowed people-of-a-certain-age to Holler and Complain and Bitch. It was OK to do so! It was simply for us to vent and etc. ,-) Fun for a while. But more than one blog, gets too much for me. :-)

    Enjoy yours!

    Gentle hugs,

  3. I have no fears of growing old not yet anyway. The only time I feel old is when I look in the mirror and wonder what happened? : )
    I can't say that I feel old and I can't believe I'm the age I am.
    I feel I owe it all to my daily morning walks which I have been doing for over 24 years.

  4. Well all I can say is..some say "old" is a state of mind..but when the bones and body breaks down it becomes a real ever present reality. I have been around 90 year old men and women that look and act 65. Changing and downsizing ones life really is hard to do.
    Hugs to you Sis XX00

  5. Hi Beth,

    I have never thought about as much as I have just recently either.

    Hugs Nita

  6. INteresting and who knew there was a name for it? Very interesting.

  7. I am not afraid of growing older. I am, however, afraid of dying.

  8. Yes, sometimes life is very hard. I didn't know there was an official name for the fear of growing older.


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